The Winners of Magazine’s 28th Annual Art Competition

The Winners of Magazine’s 28th Annual Art Competition

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Congratulations to the 30 winners of our annual art competition.Our 28th Annual Art Competition attracted more than 7,000 accomplished entries. At the same time, we commend all who entered our contest, for you took the professional step of putting your work forward. It’s a truism, but true: What matters is the work itself. I’m sure you hope, as Corot did, that there will be “painting in heaven.” Congratulations to those who won, to those who almost won, to those who tried, and finally to all of you for whom art is as necessary as air. —Maureen BloomfieldWinners of Magazine’s 28th Annual Art Competition were featured in the December 2011 issue. Click here to purchase.Still Life/FloralJuror: Nava GrunfeldPortrait/FigureJuror: Robert LiberaceAbstract/ExperimentalJuror: Jonathan TalbotAnimal/WildlifeJuror: Dawn EmersonLandscape/InteriorJuror: Richard McKinley

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