The Love of Art and Food Combine

The Love of Art and Food Combine

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Mixed-Media Art Recipe Cards

Just about everyone has a recipe she or he loves to make, or just loves to eat. Recipes can tell fascinating stories of family history, travel, relationships and home. The editors of Cloth Paper Scissors asked readers to think about a recipe that had special meaning to them, and then create a piece of mixed-media art featuring that recipe.

An array of colorful artwork, featuring recipes for special pudding, cookies, soups and more provided us with a visual feast. Enjoy this fun selection.

Amanda Kuykendall • Mooresville, NC

“My family lived in Mexico at an orphanage for two years, where we learned several Mexican recipes. Chilaquiles was by far our favorite. I used Derwent Inktense pencils, watercolor and acrylic paints, gel pens, and Sakura® Pigma® markers for the background art. Modeling paste was mixed with paint to create the dimensional pieces: the sauce, chicken, and sour cream. The ‘cheese’ is shredded deli paper.”

Caroline Kunimura • Grantsville, Utah

“Every day when I got home from school, the first thing I would ask my mom was, ‘What’s for dinner?’ Normally the answer was some type of casserole. However, one day I found her searching for ingredients to make a meal. She pulled out leftover ham and cheese, vegetables, and cans of soup, and created this recipe on the fly. To her surprise, and ours, it was wonderfully creamy and delicious.”

Glenna Lundberg • Abbotsford, BC, Canada

“I grew up in a very small town in Ontario, Canada, and the highlight each year was our fall fair. Two of my brothers entered a baking contest, and to our surprise they won first and second places. This recipe has been a family favorite since that day, way back in the 70s. This piece includes paper cutouts, cloth, and stitching on a watercolor background. The recipe card is vintage, copied from my mom’s recipe from more than 30 years ago.”

Carolyn M. Newton • Ellenwood, GA

“Every year, my mom made gumbo as soon as fall arrived.I couldn’t wait to eat some of it over rice. Just the smell of it cooking took your breath away. For this piece, I drew the different ingredients on muslin, then used colored pencils and permanent markers to add color. I free-motion stitched the background, the pot, and the whisk. The recipe was typed on photo paper and glued to the pot.”

Indira Govindan • Summit, NJ

“I drink a cup of this tea every morning, and it keeps me fully awake all day!The artwork and text were burned into wood with a woodburning tool and enhanced with watercolors and ink.”

Lois Levy • Little Neck, NY

“My approach to cooking is the same as my approach to creating art—led by inspiration. After eating a similar broccoli salad many years ago, I was determined to create my own version. Now, each time I make it, I add a new element to the basic recipe. A ‘salad series’ was created. This mixed-media piece was created by using watercolors, ink, and collage.”

Roseanne Fox • El Cerrito, CA

“We have this crab meal every Christmas Eve. Backstory: I met my husband while visiting my sister in Idaho. We met, talked for two hours straight, and then I went back to California. We soon realized we couldn’t live without each other, and he moved to California, arriving the day before Christmas Eve. The next day we bought crabs for our first Christmas meal together, and it has become a tradition. I used pencil, watercolor, colored pencil, and pen on Arches® hot-press watercolor paper to create this piece.”

Michele Czwartacki • Mt. Sinai, NY

“I paired smooth, chocolate-colored cloth with coarse burlap and other recycled materials to represent the simple ingredients of my recipe: chocolate pudding and crunchy chocolate chip cookies. This easy recipe evolved from a family favorite: icebox cake. The original recipe called for graham crackers, but one holiday morning I found myself without this important ingredient. Desperate, I reached for everybody’s favorite, chocolate chip cookies. This recipe became the new holiday favorite. “


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