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5 Reasons You’ll Want to Try STABILO Right Now

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Try STABILO Right Now

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From brilliant colors to long-lasting cap-off times, there are tons of reasons why we love STABILO’s products, and why you will, too! Check out some of their art-filled tips and tricks below, and get ready to let loose, unleash some creativity and have fun during your next art project. Enjoy!

1. It’s Freeing

STABILO’s campaign for 2017 is “Free Your True Colors.” The campaign’s name is a call out to how can we be the most colorful, best version of ourselves, expressed through creativity and color.

Check out this Flippists video where he animates a colorful transformation in the Free Your True Colors spirit!

2. It’s Colorful

Their Point 88 Fineliners are available in more than 40 vibrant colors, making them one of the most colorful fineliner brands on the market. Here is a demonstration on how to create a beautiful butterfly using these handy tools!

3. It’s Flexible

Their CarbOthello Pastel pencils are incredibly blendable due to their chalky pigments. They can also be used like watercolor pencils because they respond instantly to a wet brush or predampened paper. Check out the video below for some fun tips and tricks for using CarbOthello.

4. It’s Creative

If you want another creative art tool to add to your arsenal then you should check out Pen 68, which can also be used as a watercolor. Just grab your waterbrush and give it a try!

5. It’s Old School (But Up with the New School Styles)

Did you know STABILO was established in 1855? It’s an 162-year-old company! Belows a quick snippet of the company’s interesting history.

Added bonus: Many of STABILO’s products, like the Point 88 Fineliners and Pen 68 Markers, have over a 24-hour cap-off time. Hooray for no more dry pens!

Do you use any STABILO products? Tell us your favorite tips and tricks in the comments below. Happy art-making, artists!

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