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Fifth Annual Shades of Gray Competition: Winning Drawings Unveiled

Fifth Annual Shades of Gray Competition: Winning Drawings Unveiled

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Drawing magazine is thrilled to present the 14 winning drawings in our 5th annual Shades of Gray Competition. This year the grand prize goes to Texas artist Julio Reyes for his mixed-media drawing Deliverance. Also receiving top prizes are Katherine Young, Agnes Grochulska and Janet Evander. A full writeup of the competition will appear in the spring issue of Drawing (and you can subscribe to the magazine here).

We’d like once again to thank the artists who entered this year’s contest. And if you’re eager for a chance to win a spot in Drawing, we’re happy to say that the 2017 Shades of Gray Competition will be open and accepting entries soon.

Drawing Magazine’s 5th Annual Shades of Gray Competition Winners:

Grand Prize

Julio Reyes: Deliverance

First Place

Katherine Young: Ascend

Second Place

Agnes Grochulska: Portrait No. 14

Third Place

Janet Evander: Stickley at Rest

Honorable Mentions

Hélène Brunet: Bouquet Fleuri

Chi-Han Cheng: Empty

Tracy Frein: July

Kathleen Kornprobst: Thomas II

Sookyi Lee: Amber

Ling Liu: Xiao Fang

Tara Merkt: Eye of the Beholder

Oliver Sin: Portrait of Mom

Dexter Welcome: Just for Two

LiGang Zheng: Awareness


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