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8 Simple Tools For Starting Your Ceramics Project

8 Simple Tools For Starting Your Ceramics Project

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Ceramics Studio Tour 101

Are you eager to stroll down a different artistic avenue? Want to explore a new medium that is incredibly tactile? Why not try your hand(s) at the ceramics wheel?

Dating back as far as 24,000 BC, the art of ceramics has a long and winding history. But the way in which we build our clay pieces has evolved over the centuries, with modern tools helping shape our finished products. Here we show you 8 different tools and what they do to help you get started. Fire away!

  1. Deluxe Pottery Tool Set
  2. Amaco Plasti-Bat
  3. Blick Ceramic Glaze Detail Brush Set
  4. Shimpo Banding Wheel
  5. Potter’s Rib
  6. Elephant Ear Sponges
  7. Speedball Ceramic Underglazes
  8. Speedball Earthenware Low Fire Glazes

1. Deluxe Pottery Tool Set and 2. Amaco Plasti-Bat

This 27-piece deluxe tool set comes with all the essentials you need for sculpting your ceramics project from start to finish. Included in the set:

  • Wire clay cutter
  • 2 Bristle brushes
  • Sumi brush
  • 2 Broom corn brushes
  • Spoutmaker
  • Ribs
  • Essential ribbon, wire-end, needle, large paddle and boxwood tools

The Amaco Plasti-Bats are drilled with bat pin holes to fit on Amaco or Brent pottery wheels. Made of thick, high-impact plastic, these bats don’t splinter, swell, or shrink. Call them the Superman (or Wonder Woman) of ceramics tools!

3. Blick Ceramic Glaze Detail Brush Set and 4. Shimpo Banding Wheel

Think you can’t pay the same attention to detail in ceramics that you can when painting on canvas? Think again! Blick’s Glaze Detail Brush Set will help you capture all the minute details before you take your work to the kiln!

This set of seven brushes, perfect for glazing, includes:

  • Sable Round, Size 0
  • Sable Round, Size 4
  • Sable Fan, Size 4
  • Fitch Bright, Size 10
  • 1″ Camel Hair Oval Wash
  • 1″ Black Bristle Extended Easel
  • Bamboo Brush, Size 2

The Shimpo Banding Wheel is designed to provide extra-smooth, even rotation for all of your decorating, sculpting, carving and hand-building needs! Their one-piece design features a rust-resistant blue paint coating and sealed ball bearings for smooth rotation without wobbling or sticking.

What’s more, the banding wheel is designed for artists at all levels, making it life-long investment as you go from student to master!

5. Potter’s Rib and 6. Elephant Ear Sponges

Potter’s Ribs are an essential part of your toolset while forming your clay at the wheel! They help with opening, shaping, curving, smoothing and trimming wet clay. They will assist you in bringing your next ceramic project to life!

Elephant Ear Sponges are flat-shaped, natural sponges with a fine and absorbent texture—perfect for keeping your ever-changing clay works moisturized and smooth!

7. Speedball Ceramic Underglazes and 8. Speedball Earthenware Low Fire Glazes

Now it is time to transform your neutral clay with vibrant color. First the underglaze! Speedball Ceramic Underglazes feature bright and intense colors that are highly saturated for spectacular results. Use them for a variety of decorating techniques as well.

Now to the glaze for a shiny finish! Speedball Earthenware Low Fire Glazes offer striking results with their bright, highly saturated glazes! Plus, all colors are lead-free, non-toxic and dinnerware safe!

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