Introducing the Pastel Artists to Watch 2016

Introducing the Pastel Artists to Watch 2016

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We asked a handful of pastel leaders and luminaries around the globe to tell us about artists who may not be familiar to all of us (yet), but who are definitely making their marks in pastel. We celebrate 10 of them here in our “2016 Artists to Watch” showcase. For more about each artist, check out the December issue of Pastel Journal.

Mary Monk (USA) — Nominated by Alan Flattmann

“Mary is a dedicated pastel plein air painter. Her work captures the spirit of the south Louisiana landscape in a poetic way.” —Alan Flattmann

Maureen Spinale (USA) — Nominated by Liz Haywood-Sullivan

“Maureen’s paintings are joyful and masterful … Her paintings are brilliant and a testament to the wisdom of how pushing yourself can result in creative innovation.” —Liz Haywood-Sullivan

Debra Nadelhoffer (USA) — Nominated by Albert Handell

“I’ve worked with Debra over the years. She’s a hard worker, and paints very well in both pastel and oil.” —Albert Handell

Valerie Mandra (USA) — Nominated by Rae Smith

“Valerie is a passionate pastelist, which some are blessed to be, and it’s this special gift that takes her paintings out of the ordinary.” —Rae Smith

Alain Bellanger (France) — Nominated by Isabelle V. Lim

“His work is bold and colorful, with punching details. I admire the innovative close-up subject, the composition and the intensity of wonderful lights.” —Isabelle V. Lim

Halla Shafey (Egypt) — Nominated by Cheryl Culver

“I primarily enjoy her use of color, but also her wonderful sense of design. The work is almost mystical at times.” —Cheryl Culver

Trish Acres (Canada) — Nominated by Ruth Rodgers

“It’s her mastery of light that makes her work so magnetic.” —Ruth Rodgers

Germain Arancil (Spain) — Nominated by Jose del Riego

“He brings a personal touch to his paintings of the human figure. He also has a powerful use of color.” —Jose del Riego

Jan Munro (England) — Nominated by Cheryl Culver

“Her work is bold and vibrant, and it has a strong identity.” —Cheryl Culver

Christine Camilerri (Canada) — Nominated by Ruth Rodgers

It’s Christine’s use of vivid and intensely saturated color that makes her work stand out, evoking strong sensation and emotion.” —Ruth Rodgers

Watch the video: Canson presents Pastel demo on Mi-Teintes paper by artist Les DARLOW (July 2022).


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