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The Silverpoint Exhibition: An Online Gallery

The Silverpoint Exhibition: An Online Gallery

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If you’re intrigued at all by silverpoint–one of the oldest, most beautiful, and most mysterious drawing methods in the world–you’ll be interested to learn about “The Silverpoint Exhibition,” a recent show at the National Arts Club.

The exhibition brought together works by dozens of contemporary dratsmen who work in silverpoint. The winter 2014 issue of Drawing features a full exploration of the exhibition, including drawings by Burton Silverman, Juliette Aristides, Harvey Dinnerstein, Steven Assael, and others.

The exhibition included far too many great drawings to fit in one article, so here, we’re happy to present a selection of additional images from the show. Enjoy, and if you like what you see, visit the artists’ websites to see more of their work.

To read Jerry Weiss’ full article about the Silverpoint Exhibition, purchase or download the winter issue of Drawing, or click here to subscribe.


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