How to Crackle Acrylic Paint the Easy Way

How to Crackle Acrylic Paint the Easy Way

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As a traditional artist who has primarily focused on the Old Masters’ techniques, I am really enjoying being on a creative journey in order to expand my own artistic repertoire. Lately, I have been learning some mixed media techniques – like how to crackle paint.

A few weeks ago, my mixed media painting instructor taught me how to crackle paint over the top of an acrylic painting. I caught his demo on video and thought some of you might enjoy it.

The video below shows how to give a crackle finish to your paintings. It should be done over an acrylic painting.

It is easy and inexpensive to do. All you need is some latex paint, glue, a putty knife, and a cheap bristle brush. Oil paint can be applied on top of the crackled latex paint – once it is dry, you may want to lightly sand it first to help the oil paint adhere.

However, please keep in mind – this crackle technique can easily cheapen a painting if not used in moderation. Remember, when the technique becomes the focal point, the painting will not be as strong. If used properly, crackle can enhance the language of your painting.

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