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A couple of days ago I opened my e-mail; it had an image attached. Say it again—a painting. And it’s beautiful, in and of itself.

But personally, I’m in awe of it on another level as well. You see, this is my first week as associate editor for Magazine. This email/image/painting is one of the first things I come across as I begin my new journey.

As I find my voice and get acclimated to the new challenges, duties and adventures that are sure to come (as in any career change), I can only hope to serve you well. And so please enjoy this painting, kindly sent to us by Sharon Sprung. It’s her first of a new series of young women. Each of the paintings will be on the same size panel—22×22, which Sharon said presents a unique challenge, as the images are almost double the size they are in reality.

Sharon, thank you for sharing this with us?I know I can’t wait to see the remaining works.

“Portrait of A”, oil on panel, 22×22

Sharon Sprung was featured on the April 2008 issue of Magazine, as well as in our December 2006 issue. NorthLightShop.com has several Sharon Sprung educational products available, and you can visit her website at www.sharonsprung.com.

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