All About Mixed Media: Where to Start Mixed Media Art

All About Mixed Media: Where to Start Mixed Media Art

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Mixed Media Basics

Most painters and draftsmen are in fact mixed media artists because they mix media quite often, sometimes without realizing it. Working in such a way allows one to explore how various media can work together and gives the artist an opportunity to brush up and hone a multitude of skills.

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Technically, anything goes for mixed media. It’s the melting pot of all kinds of art. You can take photography, throw in sculpture, paint of top of it all, and install it in public, or you could merely paint watercolors over pen and ink: despite the huge divergence, both works would count in this genre. So you could take practically anything and make it an art material, although there are some common supplies many artists prefer. Encaustics, for instance, are often used in this genre by painters. Gesso is also a popular substance because it can be used as both primer and binder. Many artists also like to use stencils for this type of art.

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